Unice Circuit is a PCB ??????????manufacturer dedicated in quick turn,small and middle batch PCBs. Unice was established in 2001 covering 3000sq meters.Now we have more than 300 staff and the annual output amount up to 150,000 sq. meters. The company is located in Fuyong,Shenzhen , with convenient transport conditions.
    Companies from more than PCB industry professionals to create, in order to meet customer needs for the task, committed to reshaping the "Unice – the world's leading experts PCB value-added services"
     Now has from the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions, the introduction of the full range of PCB production and testing equipment, have a pool of high-quality management, scientific and technical personnel and well-trained staff.
     Our products include high precision double/multilayer PCB(2-30 layers) , hi TG thick copper PCBs with many kinds of surface treatment such as HAL/Flash Gold/Gold Finger/ENIG/Immersion Silver/OSP etc; but also advanced production PCMCIA BACKPLANE and half-hole PCBs on the edge, special materials such as ceramic/metal based PCBs ,PTFE PCBs,mixed high-frequency dielectric plate, HDI, and a variety of customized special requirements of small and middle batch PCB orders.Our products are widely used in communications, computer, power, digital, industrial control, scientific research and development,automotive, aerospace,industrial control and other hi-tech fields.

    We advocate experienced management and technical team, the high-quality professional services, to provide our customers with high quality reasonable price for the products, and with competitiveness in delivery times and services so that customer satisfaction!
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Unice Circuit Group Ltd Copyright Add: Nanshan District,Shenzhen,China

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